1. Obey all state and federal laws.
  2. Cooperate fully with all wildlife officials and landowners.
  3. Provide quality service.
  4. Promote conservation and education.
  5. Shall advertise only in a dignified manner, setting forth a factual presentation of the services he offers and the cost of such services.
  6. Member will be required to maintain good, adequate and serviceable equipment.
  7. Member will endeavor to promote and practice responsible wildlife ethics and exercise good stewardship of our natural resources.
  8. Safety will always have the highest priority in any situation.
  9. It is my responsibility to teach, by example, the tradition of ethical hunting to hunters of all ages.
  10. An Outfitter/Guide will respect the rights of other Outfitter/Guide and will not, without just cause, directly or indirectly injure their reputation or business.
  11. Shall conduct their Outfitting/Guiding operations in a manner that does not discredit themselves, other Outfitters/Guides, the Maryland Outfitters and Guides Association Inc. and the state of Maryland.
  12. He will guard his profession against the admission of its ranks of persons unqualified because of their lack of good moral character or who are, because of inadequate training, unable to perform as a professional.
  13. Failure of any member to abide by this code of ethics will be reprimand, suspension or expulsion from this association.